Hybrid Program

All Hybrid students are accepted from the existing two-year waiting list for the Building Trades apprenticeship. For more information regarding the application process, please see this website.

Hybrid Welding Program


The hybrid weld program is a highly structured pre-apprentice skills development environment designed to provide specialized training, and necessary weld experience to qualify for direct entry into Local Union 597's Building Trade Apprenticeship Program. 


Candidates must pass urinalysis and hair follicle drug test, and posses valid drivers license for acceptance into program. 


Student must provide his/her personal protective clothing, weld hood and work boots. 


Mandatory class participation is required for 18 weeks, Monday-Friday, 7:00a.m. - 3:30p.m.  

Strict attendance standards must be maintained throughout duration of course. A student will be discharged upon his/her third non catastrophic absence, tardy or early quit.


Additional night (3:30-8:00pm) and Saturday (7:00-3:30pm) training hours are recommended to complete the following weld performance benchmarks.  A student will be discharged for failure to achieve performance objectives within required time allotments.  All visual inspections will be performed by AWS/CWI-UA Authorized Test Representatives.


Visual inspection of 3-F & 3-G 'W' plate assembly within 3 weeks.

Visual inspection of 1-GR 6" Sch. 80 pipe within 6 weeks. 

API 1104 Radiographic Inspection of 5-G, 6" Sch. 80 pipe sample within 9 weeks. 

Visual inspection of ambidextrous 2-G & 6-G heavy wall 6" pipe assemblies within 12 weeks.

Visual inspection of ambidextrous 2" socket weld assemblies within 15 weeks

UA 60 Weld Certification Test within 18 weeks. Ambidextrous technique recommended. 


Upon successful completion of 18 week course and UA-60 weld certification exam, student will be indentured as a first year Local Union 597 Apprentice.  First year wages and benefits will be paid at the beginning of employment.  


For more information regarding the application process, please contact Local Union 597 Training Fund Admissions Director.