Why has our industry demanded that welders demonstrate competency and acquire certification to weld on critical piping systems, yet have no such requirements to assemble bolted joint assemblies on the same system?   The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) asked that very question when they determined that over 70% of system failures originate at the bolted joint assembly.  Their response was to develop a guideline that would improve the safety and reliability of this often overlooked joining method.  The result is ASME PCC-1, Guidelines for Pressure Boundary Bolted Flange Joint Assembly.  This course is designed to teach proper safe bolting techniques based on the requirements of PCC-1-2013.  Upon successful completion of the course you will receive the ASME Certificate for the Qualified Bolting Specialist.  This certification is quickly becoming the gold standard for bolted joint assemblers in the piping industry.  The industry is rapidly adopting this guideline with many owners beginning to require this certification for anyone who assembles, inspects, or supervises those who assemble bolted joint assemblies.  This certification will show that you have the knowledge, ability, and commitment to implement safe bolting practices.

OSHA 7110 is not a prerequisite to ASME-PCC-1