ASME Endorsement Class for the AWS-CWI

Pre-Requisite: AWS CWI

This course will provide comprehensive coverage of B31.3 and B31.1 Code requirements for design, analysis, fabrication, assembly, erection, inspection, examination, and testing of process piping. The class also includes coverage of piping and pressure vessel code history, ASME B31.3 and B31.1 scope, piping fundamental and supplementary information that the ASME codes do not specifically address. It will include hundreds of practical questions to help navigate the Codes on a daily basis.

This course will also train participants to comply with the requirements of ASME Section IX, Welding and Brazing Qualifications.  Participants will gain a working knowledge of ASME Section IX.  A review of the welding processes and variables, and a review of basic welding metallurgy will be conducted in order to provide all participants with sufficient background in welding technology to interpret and understand Section IX. 

The mechanics of using Section IX and how to address its requirements and its relationship with other code sections will be explained.  The requirements for qualification of welders, brazers and operators will be examined. Time will be provided to address individual participant's problems and concerns along with practical questions to be reviewed in an open forum.

You Will Learn
  • How ASME Code books are organized and how to find requirements for welding qualifications and coverage for Section IX, 31.1 and 31.3
  • The metallurgy and welding process knowledge that forms the basis for the rules for welding qualifications
  • Work with an active welding procedure that is compliant with Section IX
  • Welder performance qualifications that are compliant with Section IX
  • How to review welding documentation

Endorsement Exam

This exam will consist of 55 questions to be completed in a two-hour time frame. The endorsement may allow an inspector to perform inspections where previously excluded due to customer or jurisdiction requirements. When you pass endorsement exams, you are provided with a separate endorsement wallet card and a certificate of successful completion.
Local 597 provides 10 weeks of training (30 hours) to help prepare you to pass the exam. All code books will be provided by the Training Center.