Labor Studies

Pipe Fitters' Training Center is pleased to offer a course in Labor Studies.


Instructor Sarah J. Liles has developed the following course.  


LS-1  October 8, 2018

LS-2  January 7, 2019


This course will explore history and recent challenges combined with practical skills training for understanding unions, the labor movement, and your own role as a worker and a union member.  Some of the topics covered include the history of Local 597, Ask-a-BA (a 597 business rep answers your questions), state of the working class and of the labor movement, membership and organizing, and fighting right to work.  Students who complete the course will receive a certificate endorsed by both Local 597 and the University of Illinois Labor Education Program.




1 – Unions 101

2 – The State of the U.S. Working Class

3 – A Brief History of the Labor Movement

4 – Union Organizing: Matewan

5 – The State of the U.S. Labor Movement

6 – Recent Labor Battles and Strategies: Schoolidarity

7 – Fighting Right to Work

8 – Inclusion/Race and Gender at Work

9 – Members and Leaders

10 – Finding Your Voice