OSHA 7110 Certification


Do you know the difference between torque and tension?  Do you know the proper way to lubricate bolts?  Safety is the primary focus of every modern construction project. Many piping systems carry products that cause unsafe conditions if they are not properly contained.  A common means of containment is the bolted joint assembly.  The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has developed OSHA 7110 – Safe Bolting: Principles and Practices.  This course teaches you the answers to the above questions and many more that relate to safe bolting.  You will also learn safe handling and operation of common tools such as hydraulic torqueing and tensioning equipment.   Upon successful completion of this class you will receive and OSHA 7110 certification.  This certification will show contractors your commitment to safety and quality.  Also, many owners are moving towards requiring this and other certifications (see PCC-1) for anyone performing bolted joint assembly.

OSHA 7110 is not a prerequisite to ASME-PCC-1