The Certified Radiographic Interpreter program certifies the ability of individuals to properly assess welding-related indications produced on radiographic film and related media.

The Radiographic Interpreter Certification assures employers that the principles of radiographic interpretation are reliably applied to the examination of welds. You’ll learn proper film exposure, correct selection of image quality indicators, characterization of indications, and use of acceptance criteria as expressed in the AWS, API, and ASME codes.

Your training will demonstrate your ability to analyze radiographs of weldments, and that you have met the requirements of AWS B5.15:2010, Specification for the Qualification of Radiographic Interpreters.

The five-day AWS Certified Radiographic Interpreter (CRI) course is designed to ensure that individuals have the knowledge to properly assess indications produced on radiographic media of weldments or adjacent base metal. It will prepare you for the AWS CRI Certification Exam, if you choose to test after taking the course.

Interpreting radiographs involves more than staring into a light box and making a “judgment call.” The radiographic interpreter must determine whether the radiograph has been exposed properly, whether the image quality indicators have been correctly chosen in accordance with code requirements, and which specific acceptance criteria are applicable under the governing code. Failure to do any of these tasks can put your product, your company’s reputation, or your job at risk. 

The time and money spent on taking the course and upgrading your qualifications in this area can pay your employer back many times over. Our training provides the necessary knowledge for you to prepare for the AWS CRI Exam. The certification provides your employer with proof that the training was effective, this can be taken throughout the U.S. during the year (scheduling on the AWS website).

You’ll learn:

  • Nature and properties of X- and gamma radiation
  • Photographic aspects
  • Fundamental aspects of radiographic quality
  • Radiation safety principles
  • X-ray and gamma ray equipment
  • Effects of equipment change on radiographic quality
  • Geometry of image formation
  • Exposure calculations
  • Application to welds
  • Viewing radiographs
  • Welding technology

Start Date- Apr. 13th

End Date- May 18th

Time- 5pm-8pm

Place- RM 109

Fees- Books only $30.00

Duration- 6 weeks, one night weekly (Wednesday)