UA University

The contact for the UA University is Mike Griffith (Students Records, Washtenaw Community College). Correspondence to Mike would be sent to or preferably e-mailed to

Washtenaw Community College
Student Records
Attn: Mike Griffith
PO Box 1610
Ann Arbor, MI 48106-1610

You will need 63 credits total for the degree. 30 from the UA Star Exam/Prior College, 18 - 20 General Education, and 15 for the core classes in Industrial Training (your apprenticeship may apply for some of these credit requirements). Please e-mail Mike Griffith with an introduction of yourself, your union affiliation, and your education to this point and ask him to evaluate your requirements for the Associates in Applied Science Degree. Note if you are interested in a Bachelors Degree make sure you choose the preferred subjects that apply to both degrees (some subjects will be accredited for your Associates only). Please keep the training center informed of the information that you get from Mike Griffith and what classes you are enrolling in at your local community college.